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The Next 5 Years

We believe teaching is best done with intention and preparation. Our five year cycle of themes is aimed at touching on what we see as the essential things to learn about the Christian faith during the teenage years.

You can choose to use the curriculum as a whole for the entire year, and run with the theme with your group, or you can pick and choose the lessons, and resources you wish to use. As always we will make our material flexible so it fits a variety of different situations. That way you can focus on the important stuff, like having conversations with youth that build relationships.

Our themes for the next 5 years are: 

2018 – The Life
Focusing on the life God created us for, and now calls us back to. It’s not an easy road, but Christ calls us to travel it.

2019 – The Body
Focusing on the body of believers known first as Israelites, and now as the current church body. How does the call to be the Body of Christ influence us.

2020 – The Mission
Focusing on what we are called to do for God. Feeding the hungry, taking care of the sick, and the moments in our ordinary lives where we choose to follow or not follow God’s call on our lives.

2021 – The People
Focusing on the people in the Bible, in our Churches, and in every place you can find them, that help define and grow our faith. This was also the theme in 2016, but we have more areas to explore. There are currently already over 80 Bible Studies, and a retreat under this theme.

2022 – The Stories
Focusing on the stories woven in the scriptures, and in our lives that help us understand who God is and why that matters to who we are. This was also the theme in 2017, but we have more areas to explore. There are currently over 75 Bible Studies, and a large curriculum called “The Bible Wall” under this theme.

Each Year

Each year we will release 60-80 Lessons, three 3Devotional boxes, and more under that year’s theme. Our blogs for the year will also be focused on incorporating that year’s theme in to the weekly post. Here is a detailed look at the lessons, and some of the blogs for 2018’s theme “The Life.”

Weekly Blog

Our blog will be about Life and the variety of it. “The Life of a youth minister”, “The Life of that student.”, “The Life of Jesus’ Grandad.” Join us each week to explore these and more.

Lessons being published this year for “The Life.”

  • Life of Prayer (4 Lessons)
  • Life of a Disciple (7 Lessons)
  • Life of a Christian Community (4 Lessons)
  • Life of Mystery (5 Lessons)
  • Life of the First Family (6 Lessons)
  • Life of the Psalter (6 Lessons)
  • Lent 2018 Devotional Box
  • Back to School 2018 Devotional Box
  • Advent 2018 Devotional Box
  • The Life of Spiritual Disciplines (Retreat Curriculum)
  • Life of Praying – A Packet of prayer activities for you and your group