2019 Resources


The Body of Jonah

(4 Lessons)

Kyle Caudle

Description: You’ve heard the story about Jonah and the whale, but what about the rest of the story? The “Body of the Book of Jonah” is a 4-lesson series on the book of Jonah. Each lesson is designed to help students encounter God’s mercy and compassion by looking at the structure of this quirky biblical story. Students will explore themes of God’s call, prayer, grace, and how to see others as God does.

Hearing God’s Call
Calling Out to God
Getting a Second Chance
Surprise Endings

Cost: $12


The Body of Scripture 1

(20 Scriptures)

Andrew Noe

Description: These resources will contain 20 scriptures each. Each one designed to help students in a more engaging way to read a specific scripture passage.

Cost: Free


The Body of Christ, Given for You

(4 Lessons)

Ryan Wilson

Description: This 4-session study takes a closer at the Last Supper, the final meal Jesus shared with his disciples. This series will help students to gain a deeper understanding of communion as a Christian sacrament and worship element, and to explore three themes present in the story of Jesus’ last meal: betrayal, thanksgiving, and remembrance. Session one, “Communion 101”, provides an overview of the communion ritual – from its history and variety of practices, to its meaning and significance. Session two, “Feeling Betrayed”, explores how betrayal was a part of this last supper among the disciples and also how it shows up in our own lives. Session three, “Giving Thanks”, helps students to consider what it means to “give thanks” and the important role gratitude plays in our lives, especially as Christians. Lastly, session four, “In Remembrance,” focuses on Jesus’ command to “do this in remembrance of me” and how that remembrance carries over into our daily lives.

Communion 101
Feeling Betrayed
Giving Thanks
In Remembrance

Cost: $12


The Body of Christ at Work

(3 Lessons)

Lauren McDuffie

Description: This study will invite students to think about how the church interacts with and responds to justice issues by engaging with the work of several modern theologians and activists. By reading selections from the work of Walter Rauschenbusch, Howard Thurman, and Martin Luther King, Jr., in conversation with biblical references, the students will consider both the history of the movements in which these faith leaders participated and the contemporary implications for how we as people of faith can be the body of Christ working for justice in the world.

Blessed are They
Good News
Do Justice

Cost: $9


The Body of Poetry and Psalms

(8 Lessons)

Ben Brown

Description: From Shakespeare to pop music, poetry is all around us. The words, rhythms, and tunes of poetry and music help us to give meaning to the many reactions and feelings of the teenage experience. The Psalms are a musical anthology of the emotions, songs, and hymns of David and other writers. In this study, students will engage with the Psalter’s emotions and feelings, and youth will have opportunities to engage with their own joys, fears, anxieties, and blessings.

Cost: $24


The Body of Scripture 2

(20 Scriptures)

Andrew Noe

Description: These resources will contain 20 scriptures each. Each one designed to help students in a more engaging way to read a specific scripture passage.

Cost: Free


The Body of Baptist Beliefs

(4 Lessons)

Laura Edgar

Description: There are certain practices that most Baptists follow in our churches. We don’t always stop to consider the deeper meaning of these practices. In this study, we’ll dig into each aspect of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We’ll take a deeper look at the word many Baptists use to describe these practices: “ordinances” and how that idea stacks up against other denominations’ idea of “sacraments.” Finally, we’ll think about the role of scripture in our faith formation and congregational life.

Ordinances v. Sacraments
The Lord’s Supper

Cost: $12


Body of Resilient Faith

(5 lessons)

Brittani Bair

Description: While it is tempting to look for easy answers and perpetuate common myths regarding suffering, this study challenges the harmful assumptions that teens or adults can just get over the things that overwhelm them in life, and “bounce back” from any adversity through positive thinking. These five lessons to look through Scripture at people who survived tremendous suffering without losing their concept of God and offers an authentic path into the wilderness and tools for surviving it with faith and hope.

A Sign and a Promise
A New Covenant
Daring to Hope
Weeping and Comfort
To Die is Gain

Cost: $15


The Body of Scripture 3

(20 Scriptures)

Andrew Noe

Description: These resources will contain 20 scriptures each. Each one designed to help students in a more engaging way to read a specific scripture passage.

Cost: Free


The Body and Sensing Faith

(6 Lessons)

Kyle Caudle

Description: People encounter the world around them by using all their senses. Each sense gives us fuller understanding of the world around us. What would faith be like if we encountered God with all 5 senses? It would be a fuller, richer expression of faith. Though churches often emphasize sight and hearing, additional senses such as taste and feel can help us to further explore how our bodies are made to experience God’s fullness.

Using All 5 Senses to Encounter God

Cost: $18



Welcome to Youth Ministry

(8-10 Items)

Ginny Tourville and Tidwell-Weinzierl

Description: A few items to get you started in youth ministry. We are still finalizing this resource. More concrete details in early 2019!

Items (8-10 total):
A Bible Study Series
A Baptism resource
A information sheet
A retreat
An outline/schedule/info for doing a Lock-In
Three letters of encouragement from Youth ministers who have been
doing this for over 15 years
Volunteer training/help/tips thing

Cost: $20