Bible Studies

What are some elements/resources you use in Bible study?

Happy Tuesday everyone, As I stated yesterday today we have 2 different questions, with 2 responses for each. Both questions are focused on Bible studies prepared for youth. I hope you are getting as much from this blog as I am. I love reading the different ideas,...

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Why is teaching the Bible to youth important?

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am really sorry a new post did not go out yesterday. As you might know I work as a youth minister and this past weekend we had a big event, so I was a little sleepy Monday morning. I am sorry about the delay and will work hard for it to not...

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What is some advice you have for Bible study preparation?

Happy Monday everyone, It is a new month and we are starting off strong! This month we are focusing on Bible study. The responses will hopefully aid you as you prepare Bible studies for teenagers. Please remember to check back each week as we continue to post new...

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