Consent to Publish

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Faithlab, LLC (“Publisher”), located in Macon, Georgia, is pleased to consider publishing your contribution (“Work”) in Youth Ministry Conversations [“YMC”] in electronic formats.

If your Work is selected for publication in Youth Ministry Conversations, by Publisher, you (Author) hereby agree as follows:

Copyright in the work shall be owned by Author, who here licenses it to Publisher, who shall have the following rights under the copyright: The right to publish the work in YMC, in print and electronic formats, and all related rights necessary or desirable for the full use and enjoyment of such right of Publication, including but not limited to the right to republish the work in whole or in part in future issues of YMC, in collections of works from the journal, in anthologies, scholarly or for promotional purposes, as deemed appropriate by Publisher.

Payment: In the event the Work is selected for publication in YMC, Author will receive a check, mailed to the address provided on this agreement, within 45 days of the original publication date of the online issue in which the Work appears. For Bible studies, payment will be made in the form of digital materials/resources/other studies. For a non-retreat “monthly resource” payment will be $150, for a retreat curriculum – payment will be $350.

Editorial Changes: Publisher may revise, edit, condense or otherwise alter the Work and it’s title, and may code and design the Work for electronic or print publication.

Expiration: This agreement becomes null and void should Publisher not publish the Work within 12 months of the date of this agreement.

You, the Author represent and warrant:
A. That the Work is original, that you have full power to make this Agreement, and that you are the sole author;
B. That the Work has not been previously published in whole or in part;
C. That no other agreement to publish the Work is now outstanding;
D. That no part of the Work violates or infringes upon any copyright;
E. That there are no rights, licenses, or commitments of any nature outstanding in favor of anyone who would or might impair or interfere with the rights granted by you to the Publisher;
F. That the Work contains no statement known to be false, is free of any libel or libelous innuendo.

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