Credo Bible Study

CredoGod copyHow do we speak about the faith we are living? There is a power to speaking and learning to speak about the faith we hold. In Creedal traditions, the entire congregation will stand and say in unison their Creed. Whether in Free Church or Creedal traditions, it can be significant from time to time to examine our beliefs and be able to say them aloud to others.

This study will invite youth to look at how people have spoken their faith – through church creeds, through history, poetry, song and more – and will culminate with them writing their own creed. William Sloane Coffin wrote that the Latin word credo, meaning “I believe,” might best be translated as, “This I give my heart to.” While youth are often busy living out their faith through service, worship and fellowship, this study offers them a chance to reflect on what they give their heart to and how it can strengthen the ways they live out their faith.

Resource includes logo graphic and a PDF containing teaching guides for each session, including suggested videos, handouts and social media ideas.

Included Sessions:

Credo: God
Credo: Jesus
Credo: The Holy Spirit and the Church
Credo: This I believe


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Credo written by Chris Hughes

chrishughesChris Hughes is the Minister of Youth at Myers Park Bap- tist Church in Charlotte, NC. He also serves as a contrib- utor to Teen Text, a SundaySchool curriculum for youth published by the Educational Center. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and the Wake Forest Univer- sity School of Divinity. Chris loves writing, cycling, and photography in his free time and has a rambunctious dog named Rocky.