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Women of the Bible

New Bible Study: Women of the Bible

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The Body: I Love You

Our theme for 2019 is "The Body." Today we are exploring that theme with the blog.....        The Body: I Love You       Laura Edgar serves as the Associate Pastor for Youth, College, and Young Adults at Auburn First Baptist Church...



Normally I would open with some cheesy line about ‘retreat season’ or something like that, but considering the abundance of summer, fall, winter, spring, late-spring, early-winter, mid-fall and everything-in-between retreats… it’s always retreat season. I haven’t...

The Body I Use to Have

Our theme for 2019 is "The Body." Today we are exploring that theme with the blog.....     The Body I Use to Have       Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, Daniel Potter serves as the Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. He...

2016 Theme

This year’s theme is “The People”

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2016 Theme

The People

Each month’s blogs for 2016 relate to this year’s theme: The People.


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