Welcome to the new launch of Youth Ministry Conversations! We have done some remodeling over the last few months.

In an effort to be a great resource for youth ministers we have grown some new areas. Here are some of the familiar things and some of the new things we offer:

  • The Blog will continue to have a new post every Monday with a question answered by two youth ministers
  • Each month we will offer Bible Study packets with 4-5 lessons centered around a theme. (You can find these in resources) If you want to know what is coming, check out our “Upcoming” section.
  • Most months we will offer some sort of large curriculum or resource (Retreat, Devotionals, etc.  also in resources)
  • Each month we will post an article to help youth ministers tackle certain issues or problems. These are in “Features” and our first one titled “What questions should I ask when interviewing for a youth position?” is up. If you have other questions you think should be added, please comment on the article and we can add them.
  • Occasionally we will publish resources with Games, Fundraisers, and other ideas. These will be available in resources. Our first “Games” packet will be available in February, and our “Fundraisers” packet will be available in March.

Why are we doing this? (You might ask yourself)

Because we want to help equip you for the coolest job ever: Ministering to youth! All of these resources are created by ministers who know what it is like to work with youth. We want to help give you ideas, curriculum, and resources. Our site is aimed at giving you the freedom from some of the “busy” work that goes in to minister with youth. That way you have the opportunity for conversations.

Conversations with each other as youth ministers. Sharing ideas, strategies, and frustrations. Use the comments on the blogs to share!

And Conversations with your youth. When we spend all our time as ministers planning and writing Bible studies, we are often too worn out or busy to take a kid to grab a bite to eat and just share in a conversation.

Use this site to help you in your youth ministry journey, and to unburden yourself from some of the tasks that might take your energy and time. Take a look around, and send us a message if you have any ideas or questions.

Thank you,
Andrew Noe