Life as a Disciple


What makes a disciple? Does a disciple need to know the teacher personally? What about a disciple that denies that he knows the leader? Simon Peter is our opening lesson in Life of a Disciple, because he might be the most obvious choice for ‘Most Famous’ Disciple. Disciples come from strange places, and they make interesting changes and choices. Even the most ‘famous’ of them might surprise us.



Life of a Disciple | Bible Study

by Ben Brown

At Youth Ministry Conversations, we believe you know your group best. This means our resources look a little different than what you may have experienced in the past. We try and create a “buffet” of material so you can choose and pick what works best for your group. You will find ideas, instructions, and possibilities in this packet all related to the theme of “The Stories of the New Testament.” How you use them, and how you structure your study is up to you. We hope you enjoy this resource and return in the future to check out other materials.
This Study:
Could God use someone like me? This is the question that each disciple must ask. When we study the Bible, we often see a disciple as a certain type of person: a bearded man who, quite literally, followed Jesus around all day. But, being a disciple is bigger than that! This study includes stories of Biblical and modern disciples, who show us that anyone who answers God’s call can be a disciple. Jesus says to all people, “Will you follow me?”


Lessons Included:

1 Simon Peter Page 4
2 Paul and Barnabas Page 8
3 Mother TeresaPage 12
4 Shane Claiborne Page 17
5 Martha Stearns Marshall Page 21
6 Eunis, Phoebe, and Lydia Page 26
7 Oscar Romero Page 31

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Life of a Disciple is written by Ben Brown

Ben Brown serves as the Minister of Students at Second Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. He has degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. Ben is married to Courtney. They enjoy cooking together, watching college basketball, drinking coffee, distance running, and going to concerts.



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