Life of Adventure Bible Study




Life of Adventure | Bible Study

by Clint Walker

At Youth Ministry Conversations, we believe you know your group best. This means our resources look a little different than what you may have experienced in the past. We try and create a “buffet” of material so you can choose and pick what works best for your group. You will find ideas, instructions, and possibilities in this packet all related to the theme of “The Life of Adventure.” How you use them, and how you structure your study is up to you. We hope you enjoy this resource and return in the future to check out other materials.

This Study:

The call to follow Jesus is so much more than a call to proper belief in doctrinal statements. When Jesus called the first disciples he called them to a life of adventure. He called them to a life of doing-the-impossible and facing the unknown. “The Life of Adventure” takes us through the aspects of our faith in terms of an epic adventure, from discussions of mystery and purpose, to finding companions to go with us.


Lessons Included:

1 The Mystery of God Page 4
2 Companionship on the Adventure Page 10
3 What We Think We Know vs. What Really Is Page 14
4 Start to Finish Page 19
5 Inspiring Others to Step Out Page 24



Life of Adventure PDF and Logo ($15)

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Life of Adventure is written by Clint Walker

Clint Walker is a native of Rockcastle County, a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, and a graduate of Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. He was a Ministry Intern at the First Baptist Church in Richmond from 2010-2011, the Interim Youth Minister and Minister of Outreach and Education at the First Baptist Church of Winchester from 2011-2013, and the Youth Minister at the First Baptist Church in Carlisle from 2013-2015. In addition, Clint is a self-employed contractor who makes home repairs and improvements. His wife’s name is Hannah.


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