The Body of Jonah


Most of us have heard the story about Jonah and the whale, but there is so much more to this strange little book of the Bible. In this book, we encounter a God who calls a prophet to proclaim compassion and mercy to outsiders. The only problem is that this prophet, Jonah, is not really the hero of the story. He’s got issues with the Ninevites and with God’s mercy. Teenagers can connect with a story about a messed-up hero who still manages to do what God asks (albeit reluctantly and kind of does it for the wrong reasons and then has issues with God’s mercy).



The Body of Jonah | Bible Study

by Kyle Caudle

At Youth Ministry Conversations, we believe you know your group best. This means our resources look a little different than what you may have experienced in the past. We try and create a “buffet” of material so you can choose and pick what works best for your group. You will find ideas, instructions, and possibilities in this packet all related to the theme of “The Body of Jonah.” How you use them, and how you structure your study is up to you. We hope you enjoy this resource and return in the future to check out other materials.

This Study:

You’ve heard the story about Jonah and the whale, but what about the rest of the story? “The Body of Jonah” is a four-lesson series on the book of Jonah. Each lesson is designed to help students encounter God’s mercy and compassion by looking at the structure of this quirky biblical story. Students will explore themes of call, prayer, grace, and God’s love.

Lessons Included:

Jonah 1: Responding to God’s Call Page 4
Jonah 2: Calling Out to God Page 12
Jonah 3: Getting a Second Chance Page 17
Jonah 4: Seeing Others as God Sees Them Page 23

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The Body of Jonah is written by Kyle Caudle

Kyle Caudle is Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Winchester, Virginia. He has previously served churches in North Carolina in various roles including Youth Pastor, Minister of Spiritual Formation, and as a bi-vocational pastor. Kyle holds a MDIV degree from Wake Forest University School of Divinity and a MAT degree from the UNCG School of Education. When not teaching youth and adults about the Bible, Kyle is usually playing guitar, cooking, or spending time outdoors with family and friends.


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