Year of Prayer




Year of Prayer | Bible Study

by Josh Beeler

At Youth Ministry Conversations, we believe you know your group best. This means our resources look a little different than what you may have experienced in the past. This resource takes some work on your part to put together (it’s how we keep the costs down). We hope you will find opportunities to make this resource work for your group in ways we could never anticipate.

This Resource:

This resource includes five “Units of Prayer” that can be spread throughout the year. Included are instructions for setting up prayer stations, and the prompts/slides/and other items needed to give your students a night of focused prayer.




  1. Back to School
  2. Beatitudes
  3. Need of the World
  4. Summer
  5. Unity


Year of Prayer and Logo $10


* Note:  Purchases should be made on a computer rather than a mobile device, since the purchased file will be a zip file. Once uncompressed, you will have a folder with all needed resource files, and you may then move those to smartphones and tablets if needed.


Year of Prayer is written by Josh Beeler


Josh Beeler is the Associate Pastor for Youth and College at Central Baptist Church of Fountain City in Knoxville, TN. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University and of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. Josh is married to his wonderful wife, Sherry, who he enjoys sharing conversation, adventures, and life with. He is ridiculously playful and works daily to maintain his mischievousness. Josh enjoys playing, singing, reading, questioning and laughing with friends.




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