The purpose for this retreat is to celebrate the men and women who share their lives and their ministry with the students of your church. Some of the adults have been serving the youth longer than the teenagers have been alive while others are new to youth ministry. Regardless, gathering adults together without the teenagers is important. This retreat gives the adults time to connect with each other and build relationships that will be strong models for the students. This retreat gives the adults time to share their celebrations, frustrations, best practices, and questions about serving students. This retreat gives the adults time to celebrate and revisit their commitment to youth ministry. This retreat is a celebration of the adults who make a difference in the lives of the teenagers of your church.

The retreat is scheduled in three sections that can easily fit into a single day or an evening and morning. The example chosen in this outline is an evening and morning. Use the outline to fit your schedule.


Included in the Retreat:

Re-Vive: The first session is a celebration of your volunteers. They are the unsung heroes of the church. Treat them like royalty and let them know how much they are appreciated!

Re-Energize: The second session focuses on God’s call and the volun- teer’s call to youth ministry. There is time for each volunteer to share his or her story about getting involved in youth ministry. Approach this time and those stories with care—their words are holy ground.

Re-New: The final session is a recommitment to God’s call. It is easy to remain stuck doing the same things the same ways. God desires us to be transformed—and that includes our approach to ministry.


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About the Writer: David Woody


dwoodyDavid Woody has been working with teenagers for over 20 years and seeks to find ways to connect the Gospel and the Kingdom of God with everyday life. His role as Minister of Faith Development at Providence Baptist Church in Charleston, SC allows him the opportunity try his best to make those connections for all age groups.

He is a reader, a writer, a cyclist, and according to his daughters is “way too sensitive.” Woody recently self- published the Kindle book, Active Prayers for Busy Families: 90 Activities to Pray on the Go Anytime, Anywhere. Most importantly, he is married to Kristen and stays busy keeping up with his four children— Brooks, Blair, Sarah, and Matthew.