Youth Ministry Conversations is going through a lot of growing at the moment. You may have noticed the last few weeks we haven’t had our steady stream of Monday blog postings. For that I am sorry. Getting writers is sometimes harder than I thought. We have a lot of plans in place to improve this though, with some regular writers being brought in alongside our guest writers. Hopefully in the last few months of this year we will have more consistency.

Now for the good news! In 2015 we will be launching all sorts of new things on this site, including weekly Bible studies, retreat resources, fundraising ideas, game ideas, and much more. We are busy at work getting things lined up, assignments given out, and generally preparing for what we hope is the launch of an even bigger and better resource for Youth Ministers in the world today.

Now for the great news! Today we are releasing a resource for free. Over the last few months 7 ministers have given their time and energy to create this wonderful resource. The Bible studies while having a somewhat similar format all have the space for the writers to be themselves and include what they thought was best. We hope you enjoy it. Send any feedbacks, suggestions, or ideas for topics for our next round to

Go to our current projects section to download it…..for free!