Every week this year we are focusing on the theme of “The People.”  Today we dive in to explore…..

The People who make this blog possible!


Andrew Noe is the Director of Faithways Academy at Georgetown College, and the moderator of this blog. He enjoys superheroes, and trying to be funny. He is married to the wonderful and amazing Hannah Noe, and has a beautiful daughter named Gwendolyn. They also have a super intelligent dog named Daphne, and a water-obsessed cat named Ellie.

A few years ago when I was about to become a youth minister I freaked out and thought “I don’t know what in the world I am doing.” I started to sweat, pace, and worry that I was not ready. So I began messaging people. People I looked up to, people I respected, people I wanted to be like. These people all had something in common. They were all, or had been, youth ministers.

From those conversations this blog and resource site was born. These people who took the time out of their day to talk to me, to give me advice, to point me in the right direction. Without these people there wouldn’t be a YMC, a weekly post, or any of the amazing resources we offer.

But see, for these ministers, this is just another part of their day. A moment to talk to someone, to minister, to help guide. Youth ministers do this all day for their youth. They give of their energy, their time, and of so many parts of themselves. These moments and actions shout to youth “you matter!”

I am thankful for these people, not just as peers, colleagues, or even for the great help they are in running and maintaining this site. I am thankful for these people for what they are doing in the world. They are influencing and caring for young minds in difficult and challenging ways each and every day. They make this blog possible not only with their willingness to give to writing and resource creating, but they make this blog possible by saying “youth ministry and youth matter, and we should talk about it.”

For that I am grateful.