This week we are short and sweet and to the point. It is the middle of summer, so I am betting all youth ministers are okay with that. We talked about parents last week, and we continue that this week with….

“Top 10 things we want to do for parents”

Kristin Belcher

Kristin is a native of Danville, Kentucky and a graduate of the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.  She resides in Louisville and joined the staff of First Baptist Church in July 2012.
Kristin has spent many summers working for Passport, Inc. Kristin is also the Interim Office Manager for the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship and the Communications Assistant for the CBF Youth Ministry Network.  Kristin loves spending time with her nephews, Jaxon and Parker.

  1. be supportive
  2. let parents/guardians know what my goals for youth ministry are
  3. pass along helpful resources
  4. be an advocate for the youth – help parents understand what’s going on with their youth
  5. be an advocate for the parents – help youth understand why their parents say and do the things they do
  6. get to know and care for your youth as an individual
  7. provide worthwhile, valuable programming and Bible study
  8. provide opportunities for parents/guardians to come together in small groups with other parents/guardians
  9. empower parents/guardians to be the influence research says they are in their child’s faith development
  10. teach parents/guardians what I know about social media and how to help their youth make good decisions online