Upcoming Bible Studies 


Outward: The Message (Epiphany)
Outward: The Work (James 2:14-26)
Outward: The Church (Baptism–Acts 19:1-10)
Outward: The Call (Becoming Disciples)

Outward: Summary

For a time, the people of God thought that the privilege of being chosen was only for a particular group. Then a baby was born, and people started realizing that, all along, God had been welcoming outsiders in. Disciples realized that the call to follow Jesus was for the whole world. Take your students on a four-week exploration of the love of God that is meant to be shared, lived and taken OUTWARD.

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Radical Words: Who You Are (Matthew 5:13-16)
Radical Words: But I Say… (Matthew 5:21-26, 38–48)
Radical Words: Secret Faith (Matthew 6:1-18, 24)
Radical Words: Time to Act (Matthew 7:12-14, 24-28)

Radical Words: Summary

Too often, our youth are presented with a watered down Christianity that is about being “nice” and little more. But if we take an in-depth look at what Jesus has to say about this faith and lifestyle, we discover a much more passionate calling to mission and ministry. Using excerpts from the Sermon on the Mount, your youth will be given the opportunity to explore what it really means to live out Jesus’ radical words.

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Credo: God
Credo: Jesus
Credo: The Holy Spirit and the Church
Credo: This I believe

Credo: Summary

How do we speak about the faith we are living? There is a power to speaking and learning to speak about the faith we hold. In Creedal traditions, the entire congregation will stand and say in unison their Creed. Whether in Free Church or Creedal traditions, it can be significant from time to time to examine our beliefs and be able to say them aloud to others.
This study will invite youth to look at how people have spoken their faith – through church creeds, through history, poetry, song and more – and will culminate with them writing their own creed. William Sloane Coffin wrote that the Latin word credo, meaning “I believe,” might best be translated as, “This I give my heart to.” While youth are often busy living out their faith through service, worship and fellowship, this study offers them a chance to reflect on what they give their heart to and how it can strengthen the ways they live out their faith.

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Ch. 1-2 Getting Into the Story
Ch. 3-5 Her Character – Passive or Independent?
Ch. 6-8 The Plan in Action
Ch. 9-10 Happily Ever After?

Esther Study Summary

Delve into the characters, events, and context of the book of Esther, through reading together, drama, and art. Explore with youth the question, “Where is God in this story, though unmentioned?”




Tales from the Sea: Matt 14 – Jesus walks on water
Tales from the Sea: Mark 4 – calming the storm
Tales from the Sea: Luke 5 – miraculous catch of fish
Tales from the Sea: John 21 – breakfast with Jesus

Tales from the Sea Summary

Genesis tells us that the world began with the waters of chaos, and from there God brought all creation into being. The Gospels show us that despite the many miles Jesus covered during his ministry, somehow he always seemed to return to the sea. He found his first disciples there, and taught many people by the shores of the sea. For the next four weeks, your students will travel through all four Gospels, and learn of the many miracles Jesus performed in these Tales from the Sea.




Parable People (The Hidden Treasure–Matt 13:44-45)
Parable People (The Mustard Seed–Mark 4:30-32)
Parable People (The Vineyard Workers–Matt 20:1-16)
Parable People (The Unmerciful Servant–Matt 18:23-35)
Parable People (The Tower Builder–Luke 14:28-32)

Parable People: Summary

Raise your hand if you enjoy a good story. I can’t see you, but I imagine you’re sitting there, arm held high. The truth is that all of us can appreciate a well-woven narrative. And Jesus knew that. One of the greatest facts of our faith is that the way our Lord decided to teach was through stories—parables. These parables illuminate who the kingdom is for and what it will look like. They show us what God’s love looks like. They offer glimpses into what it means to be people of God. People of God are formed by Jesus’ parables—we are parable people.



Interfaith Dialogue: You’re All Wrong!
Interfaith Dialogue: You Must Be An Anonymous Christian
Interfaith Dialogue: You’re ok. I’m ok.
Interfaith Dialogue: What can it look like?
Interfaith Dialogue: How do we do it?

Interfaith Dialogue Summary

Examine various approaches to dialoguing and interacting with interfaith friends and communities. Discuss the importance of such dialogue in real-life situations, help youth articulate their own thoughts about it, and consider the affects it can have on our Christian faith.




Parental Failure: Abraham
Parental Failure: Rebekah
Parental Failure: David
Parental Failure:

Parental Failure: Summary

What does it mean to be a parent? Students will examine some unpleasant parenting moments from the Bible and learn more about why parents and guardians act the way they do sometimes.



Advent: The Second Coming
Advent: Preparing the Way
Advent: Filled with Expectation
Advent: The Magnificat Melody
Advent: Word Became Flesh

Advent: Summary

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” If there was ever a phrase that captured the central message of Christian faith, that would be my top pick. Every year, the Christian calendar begins anew with the season of Advent, from the Latin word adventus, which means “Coming” or “Arrival.” This study invites youth into the new time zone of Advent – a time zone of preparation and waiting for the coming of Christ. It will offer them ways to be patient, to keep still, to prepare, to see the Light shining in the darkness, and to keep looking for the Word in flesh in our world every day.





Faith of our Mothers: Sarah
Faith of our Mothers: Rahab
Faith of our Mothers: Ruth
Faith of our Mothers: Mary

Faith of Our Mothers Summary

If you ask someone about their favorite story from the Bible, most likely they will choose from the Patriarchs – people like Moses, Abraham, Joseph, or David. And while there is much we can learn from these faithful men, there are many women in the Bible whose stories are often overshadowed by their male counterparts. Faith of Our Mothers takes your students on a four week discovery of the courageous faith of the women who would become the grandmothers and the mother of Jesus.