Youth Games

Here’s a packet of 15 games for you to play with your youth group.

Five are messy for the youth group with no personal hygiene.

  • Duck, Duck, Egg!youthgamesrings copy
  • Vienna Sausage Toss
  • Ice Cream Sundae Relay
  • Buckets on a Table
  • Cheetoh Face

Five are more physically demanding for all you ministers with only athletes in your group.

  • Medieval Times: Cardboard Style
  • Blanket Volleyball “
  • Are you thirsty?” Relay
  • Escape
  • Wallflower Soccer

Five are mental challenges for the smarty-pants group.

  • Blindfold Memory
  • Ex-Squeeze Me?
  • Lefty Righty Me Oh Mighty
  • Energy Ball
  • Write On My Back, Yo!


Youth Games Packet ($12)

PDF of Resource and Logo


* Note:  Purchases should be made on a computer rather than a mobile device, since the purchased file will be a zip file. Once uncompressed, you will have a folder with all needed resource files, and you may then move those to smartphones and tablets if needed.

About the Writer

wondreeChris Wondree is a Master of Divinity candidate at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond in Virginia.  After receiving his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia, he decided to follow the call to ministry.  He is currently the Minister of Youth at May Memorial Baptist Church in Powhatan, Virginia.  Upon graduation, Chris intends to pursue Navy Reserve Chaplaincy alongside his ministry in a local church congregation.  One day he will eventually realize that he is no longer in his early twenties and refuse to host lock-ins at church… But that day is not today.